StreetSmart at Darkhorse

StreetSmart at Darkhorse

1 Nov 2023 – 24 Dec 2023

Every Year in the run up to Christmas, we choose to to highlight and participate in supporting our nominated charity StreetSmart.

Established in 1998 and have since raised over £12 million for homeless and vulnerable people across the UK.

With the benefit of a tablecard or a reference on the menu, a voluntary £1 is added to the diners’ bill.

At the end of the campaign, we pass on all of these £1s to StreetSmart, who then use to support reputable charities for the homeless. All StreetSmart’s running and operational costs are generously paid for by sponsors, so every penny in every £1 raised goes directly to the people who need it.

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"I have no hesitation in supporting and recommending the work of StreetSmart, which is low in bureaucracy and high on delivering where help is needed. We may not be able to solve the question of homelessness, but at least by doing something we, in some way, diminish its tyranny."

Stephen Fry